Hill Oldridge Financial Advisers are one of the UK's largest practices in the specialist field of life assurance placements as part of estate planning arrangements. Peter Oakes is a Chartered Financial Planner at Hill Oldridge and works closely with HDC Limited.

"HDC manage the analysis and advice for the company's final salary pension transfers. Their processes are exemplary, and I am completely confident in their recommendations, which are provided to us in a lengthy and meticulous report."

In addition to the expert and efficient management of the pension transfers, Peter says that a crucial component of HDC's services include their carrying of the professional indemnity risk.

"HDC is, without a doubt, the best solution for Hill Oldridge's pension transfer service."

Susie Footit is Director and Wealth Management Adviser at Helm Godfrey, a City based firm which offers advice on wealth management, employee benefits and financial planning.

As a pension transfer specialist herself, with a sophisticated client base, when Helm Godfrey decided to outsource their pension transfer services, Susie was very aware of what she was looking for.

"As well as the technical expertise required, we needed a company that we could trust 100% to deliver in a timely and professional manner."

Impressed with their 10 years of experience unique to the pension transfer market, Susie secured HDC Limited, and was quickly thrilled with the quality of service provided by the team.

"HDC Limited are experts and very good at what they do. They have an excellent process for the time-consuming nature of researching and gathering data. In addition, they are very good at keeping on top of regulatory requirements, and making sense of what these mean for the customer."

She was particularly pleased with the quality of the reports provided by the company. "They're accurate and easily digestible. I completely trust the quality and precision of their information."

Susie says that the number one benefit of utilising HDC Limited's service is that she is able to spend a lot more time with her clients. "This has made Helm Godfrey's decision to use HDC Limited a very profitable one for the company."

Harnesh Fhalora is an IFA with The Route City Wealth Club. He contracted HDC Limited to undertake the company's pensions transfer work when he realised its growing demand from clients.

"We need to provide a pension transfer service as our customers want it, but the process is very time consuming and complex, with a lot of regulation involved."

Since appointing HDC Ltd, he has been consistently impressed with their management of client cases, and particularly praises their processes which result in a very professional service.

"I know what I'm going to get with HDC Ltd – their technical analysis is excellent and the reports are comprehensive, plus very easy and straightforward, which helps greatly with discussions with clients."

Most importantly, outsourcing the pensions transfer service has allowed Harnesh to concentrate on his top priorities.\r\n"Using HDC Ltd has meant that we can offer this popular service, whilst I can focus on growing the business and servicing my existing clients in other areas."

HDC Seminar in London on 8th June contained excellent content and was very well organised. Excellent structure.

HDC Seminar was in a great location - Amba Hotel, Charing Cross. It had a good size of audience and made excellent use of examples and case studies, especially TVAS/Critical Yield session, as this is the most common question.

HDC Pension Transfer Seminar, 8th June - The enthusiasm with which the presentations were delivered was a clear sign of the expertise on which they were based. Heather clearly knows her stuff! Seb's presentation on the services offered was clear and comprehensive. whilst Clare demonstrated that she seems to have remembered every detail of every case she has ever handled. Very impressive team.

HDC Pension Transfer Seminar, 8th June 2017. Every session was outstanding. The content was topical and lead by experts. I found the session "Why review a DB Scheme" really useful. It was a great refresher and lots of examples were used to bring it to life. A great day and good use of my time.

I have used HDC Ltd for my DB transfers for a few years now and have always found Heather and her team extremely professional, helpful and efficient. Heather’s pension knowledge is second to none and that adds value to their proposition. Their administration process and built in ‘chases’ leads to a compliant and robust system that I am happy to work with.

Wow, immensely impressive, given the fact that you only received the original signed LOA on the 20th February and you have, today, provided me with a Suitability Report. Excellent work all.

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