How We Work

We simply ask you to provide our case submission form, a letter of authority and a completed PRQ, together with the information you already hold about the plan or scheme. Please click here for our new case documents.

As with any piece of business, you will need to issue a document outlining fees and charges. As this business will be undertaken via your firm, your Client Proposition will apply.

Your role is looking after the client - we will do the rest

We will be acting on your behalf, hence the Letter of Authority will refer to your firm and extend authorisation to HDC. That allows us to approach schemes direct and saves on administration and confusion which can cause delay.

You will be submitting the business and so be obliged to provide the verification of identity. You will therefore need to obtain a copy of the clients Driving Licence or Passport, plus two utility bills, dated in the last 3 months, as you normally do for any new business.

We prepare the report for you

We will gather the data regarding the scheme(s) and prepare the report using the details you have provided, together with any additional guidance you have given us. We will include details of the new provider and associated investments in our draft report, using the wording you have provided. 

Your team obtain the required documents 

You will also obtain the illustrations, associated documents and application forms for the new provider of your choice. This documentation is just like that for a pension switch. That, together with the discharge forms, will need to be completed and appropriately prepared for your presentation meeting. In addition, schemes frequently require extra documentation including birth certificate and marriage certificate and so you need to be prepared to obtain these if necessary.

You present to the client

Once you obtain the paperwork, it will be submitted to the new provider just like any other piece of new business. Once you have met with the client, the transfer can be arranged and you can discuss the investment options and any other requirements.